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Safety clutches = Mechanical overload protection RATHI torque limiter (safety clutches), protect the machine from damage caused by overload. Especially in shock load situation the mechanical torque limiting clutches are the best protection because they react without delay. The ball detend torque limiter are very accurate and keep the settings even after multiple operations. Wear is minimal. The investment in a high end mechanical torque limiter is often paid back  after the first trip.Quick reset instead of long term repairs safes the costs  for the repair and the costs of downtime. Shear pins or friction type clutches can’t offer the same savings. The mechanical safety clutches RFM are available for high trip torque values. Extruders, conveyors, mixer and other devices are typical application. The size of the torque limiter can be adapted to the machine, virtually no limit in torque settings are given because the amount of protecting modules and the radius of operation can be flexible designed to match the demand. For high precise application we have the automatic reset units RFA with resetting by reversing the sense of rotation either manually or with the motor con- trol. This is the fastest and most accurate way of protection on the market
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