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Metal-Membrane-couplings are used regular with pumps, fans, generators, conveying, test-rigs and many more applications. Maintenance free and nearly no wear, withstanding environmental loads, and flexible in design makes this the new standard in industry. ATEX and API 610, 671 applicable couplings like the EM and RSK. The LM, EM and RSK are standard catalog versions With this high quality range of couplings we allow to transmit power up to14000 kW and  speeds of more than 20 000 rpm. If more is needed, we have High Performance couplings for power up to 45 MW, 45 000 rpm and up to 8 m length. For the usage in cooling towers couplings with carbon fibre spacer are available. The RGD gear couplings are made with special  Triple-Crown tooth cutting, which offers max. flexibility, long lifetime and small dimensions with high transmit- table torque. The couplings are availalbe in many sizes and versions. Optmized greased can be ordered as option to ensure long life time of the coupling Our Grid-couplings  RGT are availalbe in 2 versions and 21 sizes.  You will find them in cement, steel,  mining, conveying etc. applications They are robust and withstand hard conditions.
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